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As a courtesy to you, we process your insurance claims, receive, and post credit from insurance payments to your account.

Better insurance plans will cover a wider variety of services, while less expensive plans cover the least expensive treatment only.
*The patient is getting what their employer pays for, because that is who chooses and pays for the plan initially.
*Insurance companies also make money by not paying on patient claims by denying certain services, or paying for less expensive treatment options.

The patient is ultimately responsible for the cost of treatment, no matter what insurance coverage is present.

If the patient has any concerns, problems, or dissatisfactions with their insurance coverage, they should discuss it with their Human Resources Manager at their place of employment.

Patients can also call the State Insurance Commissioner for help resolving issues with an insurance company.
Office of Financial and Insurance services, Lansing, MI:
(877) 999-6442 or (517) 373-0240.
The Insurance Commissioner: Linda A. Watters