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There have been longitudinal (long term) scientific studies that have shown that a specific type of Bite Splint (plastic mouth guard) called a B-Splint can significantly help migraine sufferers.  The conclusions of the studies state "It has been shown that 70% of migraine patients are helped with B-Type Bite Splints."  This means that no migraine patients were cured of their migraines but that 70% had a reduction in the frequency and severity of their migraine headaches.   In our practice, we make various types of  Bite Splints for many patients for many various reasons.  We have made B-Splints for some migraine patients and have had some success helping some of our patients.  Click on 'Testimonials' and at the time of this writing we have one testimonial from one of our migraine patients there.  Many headaches are caused by the bite and many times patients that are diagnosed with "TMJ" problems really are only having muscle spasms that can be lessened or stopped with a Bite Splint. Soon we will have an article printed on the topic of Bite Splints and you can learn more about Bite Splints by clicking on 'Articles & Publications'.